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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Phone System

If you are looking for the best IVR phone system for your business, look no further. NexIPTEL’s in-store IVR phone system is the most reliable and versatile system in the industry that is affordable with no hidden fees or contracts.


At NexIPTEL, we are dedicated to making a highly functional system that works for you and your customers with reliability, scalability, and affordability. IVR systems allow your customers to interact with the system through voice and keypad prompts to route them efficiently to the right person in your organization. If some of your customers are averse to automated system, we are able to ensure that they are consistently routed to a live person each time they call.

The NexIPTEL phone system is the premier choice for pharmacies because it helps your staff streamline the flow of information from customers and doctors into one consistent system, which improves your overall profitability by eliminating wasted time. NexIPTEL is not just a phone system. NexIPTEL is a complete management system that improves the function of your business through improved customer contact coupled with business marketing and reporting functions.

Features You Will Love:

Easy Graphical Interface:

The NexIPTEL system has a graphical user interface that allows pharmacy staff to view calls, sort messages, and organize prescription orders in a logical system that ensures that every customer is served quickly and no order is lost in the process. Our system also allows you listen to voice messages or automatically to transcribe each one into a text that you can save to your computer or print for your files. Personnel are also able to search and organize messages by a number of criteria such as customer phone number, and Rx number.

Automatic Patient Reminders:

Our smart system keeps your patients up to date when it is time to refill or pick-up a prescription. The NexIPTEL system automatically generates and places reminder calls to your customers. A unique feature of the reminder system is that is can become part of your ongoing marketing efforts by sending messages to your customers with store or product information, holiday greetings, or simple community outreach.

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